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STATEMENTSUITS offers group orders in a very competitive price. We have special team, excellent concentration top customer service and experienced sales representative for group orders. STATEMENTSUITS is well known for providing and supplying any kind of group orders from 4 suits to more than 100 suits same color, same style, and different sizes.


  Our suits are highly and used in:   

School plays,



Wedding Party,                                       

Church Wear,

Music groups

Theater & Arts,

Formal clothes and costumes for men and boys.

We believe and understand the important facts for group orders, and made it simple for your search.

It is not only that we are competitive with our prices, we assure you that our product is the finest and highest quality make in the clothing market today. Our customer assistants are more than willing to assist you with any concerns during your purchase. We make sure to help you, step by step until we come up with the accurate color, style and quantity.

What you see is what you get, always the best! All our merchandise is ready to go just provide us the detailed order and it will be expedited same day. The main advantage is that these products are already available and are always in full stock, unless otherwise you prefer a custom make suits, with your preference in color, style or cut that you can’t find in our stock and our representative will make sure to keep you posted on its delivery schedule. Our selections are always unique. New selections comes every week and every month. Should there be any size difference or any worries on our sizes, our customer representative will give you some suggestions that would help your search.

Meeting our customer’s satisfaction is our main priority. Should you need them immediately or even on a later date, our team guarantees to accommodate all possible request in a timely manner.

Our same day shipping method applies just the same regardless of the quantity, delivery time is dependable. 

Understanding the competition is rather stiff in mens wardrobe, STATEMENTSUITS is now in full force to accommodate the completion of your purchase. Keep in mind, that we treat our customers fairly, price wise we will make you happy.

Unlike other website shopping stores we make our website more convenient on your search. These categories stated are located on our homepage.

Should you be searching for suits in a certain color, certain style, or a certain fit, simply refine your search in our friendly website and categories.

We assure you that the shipping cost as well as the suits purchased by groups or transactions made at the same time have its advantage. You will be surprised what our agents will offer you.

For group order, please do not hesitate to call us at 1- (213) 748-9972 or email us at

We will make your shopping experience memorable.

Our price, quality, service and delivery guarantees your satisfaction.




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