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STATEMENTSUIT has made our online tailoring, single or multiple purchases and group orders very easy. We make it a point that the consumer could identify what they really like in a suit. STATEMENTSUIT would like to establish our customers confidence towards us. We want our customer to wear our suits in assurance. The right suit, in its explicit standard quality, a reasonable price that gives them an outstanding perfect look with the help of our top experts. We are proud to explain to our customers why they should buy from us.


Why buy from us


In our line of business, we have numerous competitors in the market. However, not like others that purchases their items in a trader, after which they sell them on their website site or store. To accentuate several reasons, STATEMENTSUITS are proud manufacturers, designers and owner of the company.  In terms of savings, you will not only get the finest suit that are in-demand in the market (classic or fashion), you are also buying your clothing in the best of your moneys worth because there are no salesman or middleman involved, it is just like shopping in a walk-in store, only in a triple savings, and that serves as an extra cutback that remains in your pocket. We are therefore retail, personal and business friendly. We are welcoming you to the best store in mens suits. Visit us at

Our privately owned designers, STAMENTSUITS and CONFIDENCE, gives the customers the privilege to experience our excellent and high quality make compared with our competitors that sells their items a bit more costly. If you are a retail store, we will make sure to help you gain a lot from buying from us. Your success is our success. If you are an individual buyer, buying for personal use, we assure you that we are fair with our prices. We are reasonable in a way that we would like you to come back and buy from us again. Our product are easily distinguished by its exterior and interior fitting, and the good point of buying from us is that you will certainly witness the difference in our brands from others, which are comparable even with the giant conglomerates with a reputable signature brand in the market that we could also level with in terms of quality. Should you see our representation from other vendors, STATEMENTSUITS are even pleased, because of the enormously upgrade and research that made our product popularly demanded by the public, thus the expansion are surely being introduced in the market in a timely manner. STATEMENTSUITS is your store, your savings. You have got a good friend in us. You will experience the benefit from buying from our store.


Thinking to open your own retail store?


If you are planning to open a retail store, it is quite nerve-racking and frightening to others. Of course you wouldn't want your money to dissolve that quickly and be put to waste, definitely success is what we aim for. As our very own STATEMENT point of view , it wouldn't hurt to look in every angle by searching for the right resources to make this happen. It is a given fact that in every line of business a few risk are at stake, you have to be prepared in all these, but keep in mind that a proper preparation, resources and counting, with a matter of weighing things to its prospective by looking in to it and foreseeing whats to happen if you do this or do that makes a positive result. 

Make sure to find a manufacturer that gives you a reasonable deal. With STATEMENTSUITS, you are not only given a chance to have a fresh start in your new line of business, our own experts provide you some ideas that would help you sell in your store. Aside from our well-trained designers and professionals, STATEMENT, our  very own makes him available for those who wish to get some feedbacks, opinions, and point of views in his fashion line. Just simply email us at and request to speak with our designer and an appointment to call will be set. Rest assured you will be given the best prices that you could benefit from your business. We want you to be successful and we will help you attain that goal.


Easy access on shopping with STATEMENTSUITS


STATEMENTSUITS has variety of suit choices. Our website made it easier for the consumers to find what they are looking for by our categories. ( Shop by style, solid color, formal wear, fashion zoot suits, hats, shirt sets and shop by color). Who said shopping on line is difficult, STATEMENTSUITS made it convenient for you to search and find what you are looking for. If you are having difficulty finding what you need our customer service assistants are more than glad to help you anytime 24/7, just simply contact us at 1(213)748-9972 or email us at


We offer custom tailoring 


STATEMENTSUITS offers special custom make suits. Understanding there are times that your sizes are not within the standard chart or would like some special specifications, we may consider making them exclusively for you as long as we have the fabric and provided complete information of the customer. Please be informed that due to making them exclusive for you, all our items are being manufactured and tailored abroad, it usually takes 3-4 weeks to have them ready. All you need to do is simply email us at, provide us the style, size, sku number selected from our website and the special request you want us to do for you. We would also need your name, address, accurate email address to reply to and a contacting number to reach you. Our custom make suits are made to perfection, just as much as the rest of the suits you see at our website, it has a touch of class, that we can assure. The advantage is that you will have them in the exact size you want, the color you have selected and the specifications if any of those with different body types. Being the principal manufacturer, we have the advantage to offer you all this, unlike other stores. In ITAL SUIT we stretch a little and even further more to meet our customer's satisfaction. In short, we aim to keep our customers happy. We guarantee it will be made exclusively for you.


Guaranteed the best quality make suits


Our selections are high quality makes. Exclusively designed by STATEMENT. We do not carry other brands but our own. Our merchandise are made especially detailed to perfection, with the help of the experts, our designing team local and abroad, we input multiple ideas, compare them as good, best, and outstanding from each other and choose the outstanding in terms of fabric and cut. The designs we make are handmade to its perfection, starting from the cut, stitching, buttons, pads and linings. Special handling instructions are provided to refrain from damaging the suit, as it will definitely last forever. Several dry runs and brainstorming are undergone before finalizing the selected color combinations, patterns, cut and dye and are confirmed quality controlled.


Guaranteed dependable shipping local and internationally


Our shipping methods are reliable. It has been for so many years now that we are continuing to improve our shipping services the best and the fastest local and internationally. Rest assured it will be delivered to your door the safest possible. Our shipping carriers are UPS ( most of our shipments  local and internationally), Unitesd Stated Postal Service and some with Federal Express if necessary. STATEMENTSUITS has a corporate account with the said carriers; and fortunately we are accommodated as high priority shipping.

STATEMENTSUITS also ship packages to any military addresses (APO addresses)  and are using United States Postal Service for this destination's. Proper custom identification of an item is included for faster arrival , thus it prevents further delays.

All packages that are being shipped and released has it's own tracking number numbers, and means of tracking your package made it easy, by simply logging in to our site and choosing the link that states Track package. and it will be redirected to  your delivery status from the day it was shipped to the day you have verified  them. This is the advance tracking system our UPS carrier has formulated for our our company to the benefit of our customer's. All you need to know is your Order I.D#  which will be given to you on your purchase (internet or phone purchase) or just simply type in your name in the Track package link at our home page. and a detailed delivery status is provided by the UPS for the shipper and receiver to view, local and internationally.





We offer group orders


STATEMENTSUITS accepts group orders. We offer group orders in a very competitive price. Group orders are famous for offices, school plays, choir, wedding party, church group, music group, costumes, theatre arts and a lot more. Understanding we have always full run on sizes, there are also times that due to majority suit demand, some sizes run low or get sold so quickly, but the good thing about ITAL SUIT is that we could still accommodate them if given an order inventory in advance, in this way we could custom make the sizes that are unavailable, which becomes less anxious for you as an organizer. We guarantee for you to receive them within the given time frame, as long as you advise our agents ahead of time.  Our agent experts are very helpful in terms of style, sizes and delivery time to keep you at ease on your multiple group purchases. We are truthful to our word even to the worst scenario of not meeting the deadline, which has not happened yet so far, but if it happens we are open for alternative solutions and will be very willing to resolve any problems in a way that will make it work for you, we value the rapport between buyer and proprietor, in this way we gain your trust and confidence, a major importance and factor of our business.


STATEMENTSUITS are proud to give emphasis  that we own our manufacturing and designing team,  all of your concerns  gets attended  with a positive solutions.


For group orders call us at 1- (213)-748-9972 or email us at



Privacy of personal information



We understand that when divulging your credit card details and other information make you worry sometimes. Buyers are concerned of releasing such information having second thoughts of their security. As the proprietor of  STATEMENTSUITS, we understand completely of your concern and it is your right to ask and get reviews on each institution's safety. Online businesses and stores have been a worldwide market purchase now. However, safety and security has been proven protected to shop with by using encryption software and other security measures. Our stores have made it very safe to enter their credit card, and worrying about identity theft is rather infrequently or not at all. We do not only process them critically, we also contact the cardholder's themselves, should we have any doubt, questions or anything that would best secure our customer's account and data. This procedure is being implemented as a security procedure if not to totally eradicate, but to prevent further fraudulent purchases. Our merchant bank advises our company if the there has been a no matched on the informations such as your address and other datas. Our credit office continuously updates and by far has been far beyond successful in meeting a legitimate purchase, otherwise if in question will be automatically declined from the very start of the purchase online or phone orders. We try to keep your experience as happy, safe and secured as possible because you are important to us and we appreciate and value your business.


Return and Exchange Policy



Just as any other store,  STATEMENTSUITS also has a policy to consider. We made it certain that our return policy is as acceptable and considerable to all. Our turn around time may be a bit shorter, for the reason that we keep our customers and our agents updated of the availability of the exchange, if in anyways they would want the same item but different size or color, this is because our items gets sold out quite rapidly. A return authorization number are given, which are ways of preventing loosing packages. This serves as tracking information for the customer upon returning an item. This procedure has been giving positive and fast results that would benefit both the consumer and the seller. Missing packages are rather less and controlled, thus the customer being liable for the item lost is reduced, and our office could help customers track packages upon sending back by the number given to them as our reference (RA#) to view some other data that they might need to file a claim with the carrier they may have used. 


Any item you wish to return may be replaced with the same item with different color, size or even to a different style you wish, that is your option. A return form was made convenient for our customers to print out by simply going to our return exchange policy link..  Our companys policy tries to organize and prevent packages from being lost. We have integrated a policy that in fairness will help both parties be responsible in coordinating and keeping packages tracked at all times. 



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