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*Why shop at STATEMENTSUITS? What does our website offer you to make your shopping experience memorable and convenient?

·           For skeptical buyers, it gives them the advantage of comparing items that are easily access in terms of style, color and fitting. You would not need to walk aisle by aisle in stores or malls to find what you need, but rather enjoy your most comfortable chair at your own home, visualizing items that are well described in details for product comparison. It is your right to be certain of what you are purchasing.

·           Best way to shop without rushing and getting the hassle of being stuck in to traffic. It definitely saves you time.

·           You would not run out of time, but instead you could manage it in your own pace. Enjoy STATEMENTSUITS 24 hour shopping experience. We bring our store to your home, on your own preferred time.

·           ITAL SUIT has made returns and exchanges easy.   Eliminating the bother of driving to the mall or store to have items exchanged or return. ITAL SUIT has made it easy for you to manage any inquiry, concerns returns and exchanges on the website for your convenience.

·           Knowing ahead of time if an item, you are looking for are in stock or sold out. Product availability are updated

·           Group shopping: According to Forrester Research, men are also the alpha species when it comes to shopping online. We spend more, make fast decisions and as a group, tend not to return the stuff we do not really want. It has your advantage to discuss shopping as a group without cramming. Each person in the group has the chance to view an item and have their personal idea of an item to the other.


After observing this growing trend, retailers are growing considerably, thus competition begun to be stiffer. Suggestion for the majority of the internet consumer, for them to find and choose the right place and the right make to shop, getting less vulnerable with bogus retailers, that are quite to deceiving on their advertisements.

Many companies have expanded existing or created brand new men’s departments on their websites . Others change their sites to make them more men-friendly and convenient. In addition, in the whole Internet retailers wear’s point of view, is to go with the competition and offer the best your company could offer.

Men do not like to waste time shopping online. On average, a guy will take a third of the time a woman does to make a purchase. And once a sale is made, should the reality not match up with the dream, men return less than 10% of their apparel purchases while women return more than 20%.

Men are not yet the next women when it comes to shopping – online or otherwise – but maybe it doesn’t even matter. Men are now interested in shopping for themselves. They care about the experience and are more knowledgeable than ever before. If you are a retailer that is what you should really be focusing on, and if you are a consumer, be aware and make sure to choose the right reputable maker, and well experienced in this business for years.

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