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Shop Wisely for a Men's Wardrobe

Shop wisely for a men’s Wardrobe


Choosing the right wardrobe may be quite complicated to men. Men, do not have the patience or simply does not know “what” to search or “how” to search for, in finding the right outfit for themselves. Some branded suits are rather costly, however there are certain considerations when it comes to spending wisely. Numerous branded suits tend to catch our attention, nevertheless our bottom line should always be “finding the right suit”, and as a consumer, we demand the best of our money’s worth.


Here are smart tips :


1.Sometimes “hear say” does matter in finding the right suit maker. Always keep in mind that satisfied or unsatisfied consumer’s does spread the word. A legitimate company values customer’s satisfaction, and this satisfaction would lead to a better business, therefore their merchandise must be exceptional. They may be the suit experts.


2.Do not get deceived with sky rocketing prices. Consumers have the assumption, “if the price is high, they must be good”. Nothing against the high-end suit makers, undoubtedly famous makers are well known of their good quality and service, but at times consumers should be realistic and practical buyers. The price will not be there when you wear them of course, but you could get the impression you want depending on how it looks on you, and not what it cost you. You could look dashing and luxurious even without a burrito check wallet, that is if you think rather wisely. Always keep in mind that the cost should only be secondary in choosing the right wardrobe. The fitting, quality and comfort ability is important. You have to ensure that you get what is worth of your value earned money.



3.Return or Exchange Policy: Do a little reconnaissance before you shop. You can shop smart, before you even hit the cash register or web purchase. Be familiarized with their return and exchange policy, and make certain how much time they have for returns. You have to understand the return policies when you make a purchase, if not indicted, try to ask, you would not believe how significant that is. There are stores that has slight leniency when it comes to such policy. They tend to negotiate to make the customer’s happy. It never hurts to ask. To make returns easier and less costly, you do not need to use the upscale retail box or even purchase a new one. Stick with generic or common boxes. We are quite sure they would not mind the how these returns are packed as long as the item to be returned are in good condition, unless otherwise they have their own paid returning instruction for customer’s to follow, which is unlikely.




4.On Sale, will help you save, but could also lead you to a trap: Keep in mind that most of Sale items are items that may be in good condition or simply an old stock. Most of the top suit makers tend to take the Sale advantage, as so not to loose sale, it is not a disadvantage. They want them sold for their weekly inventory change to top the market, a “good offer” we should say. They sell their product to catch up on their loss. They may be the latest or old stocks, but they put it up to level with the competition. Either way it is necessary to really check the store you are shopping from that has a good reputation to fellow consumers.


5.Matching the Price: There are stores that has slight leniency when it comes to prices. They tend to negotiate to make the customer’s happy. It never hurts to ask, who knows they might be willing to match their competitor’s, more flexible price wise. Do not be timid of asking, these are what smart buyers do, and there is most certainly nothing wrong if you want to get what you deserve.


6.Buying as a gift: For gift buying, let the person you are giving the gift to know that there is a gift receipt in the box, it makes them aware and not end up throwing the receipt away by accident. There are cases that the item may be not their size, and so they could exchange them with no difficulty. Giving an advance notice sometimes makes you feel comfortable that your gift is not wasted, but instead appreciated, and besides, that what gifts are for.


7. Shopping on line: Before you purchase, find out what will happen if you want to return the item, just like the return and exchange policy stated, will the site credit the card? What are the accessible communications for any inquiries you have in mind. When you shop on line, you should also reconsider timing. Timing is even critical because you have to allow time for the item to reach you. Make aware of the delivery method, to receive them on time when you need them.

A.     Look for secured lock – This is to protect your financial information’s. It may be advisable to use your credit card than your debit card.

B.     Print your receipt or a copy of a target purchase (itemized) before hitting the “confirmed purchase” button. There are times you were not able to get the receipt or copy of the purchase and your get charged. Save copy of the packing list, it can act as a receipt for you, if just in case you need it.   It is always smart to print them out before hitting the “OK” or “agreed” button. It feels safe.

C.     Some retailer includes a barcode or a sticker on boxes with the item, make sure to include this barcodes when you have instances that you need to return them.


8.Familiarize with your body structure. Before you go shopping for suits, compare your clothes sizes in your closet. Disregard the once that are too small or too big on you, or better yet measure your waist, shoulders and compare jacket size you already have on your clothes selections. Take in to consideration if your:

A.     Tall & Thin

B.     Short & Stocky

C.     Short & Skinny

D.     Tall & Chubby

E.     Large Built

F.     Athletic Built


A.     Tall & Thin – Italian Suits possesses slightly fitting cut, and a tall and thin built has the advantage. It is advisable that though you are slim not wear suits that are too stretched or tight on you, or else you would seem to be overdoing the narrowness, worst would look as if you are wearing your younger brothers suit. Try to wear the suits that could make you move freely.



B.     Short & Stocky – Your main aim here is to look less short and less stocky of course. Do not get suits that are too huge, it would even make you of what you wish not to look like. Do not wear over bulky or long jackets. It will make you look shorter, though a pinstripe pattern is recommendable to add a spice on your look.


C.     Short & Skinny- being short or skinny is likewise not a problem; it is just a matter or finding the right suit that would make you less short and thin. We suggest not matching your suit with an overly crowded tie pattern, but a simple or classic tie will do it. Try not to match the suit with wide lapels to give you a slimming appearance. Do not hem your pants too shirt, but instead try have them slightly above the shoe level. Never shorter.  



D.     Tall & Chubby- if you are chubby, your height may help you spice up your suit. Darker colors are suggestive colors in this body type structure. Make sure the jacket will not be too short in the length because your height is a plus. A Fine pinstripe suit would look great, however not too bold or stripe too wide apart as it will make you bigger and chubby.   A jacket back vent is recommendable, as it gives you more free movements. (2 back vents; middle (1) back vents



E.     Large Built- A darker shade suit is recommended with a matching elegant tie and hankie. Though checkered or plaid could also be a selection of style, it is not necessary since in some aspects it does make you a bit more larger in size. If you have a big built, you do not necessarily need to get a loose or bigger size suit, because you might end up looking sloppy. Make sure to tuck your shirt all times to look neat and flawless. Stay away from skinny ties. Though skinny ties are part of the Italian design, you are better with a standard size ties with a good color combination pattern. It adds up in the sharpness.



F.     Athletic Built- Same as the large body built, it is not necessary to get a larger size suit just to recompense your athletic built. There are ways of having them fit you just right, knowing we have this thought that athletic fit is bulky on the upper however small in waist, which are rather true. Apparently your jacket will have to be let in at the sides to blend with the outfit sizing, and since your chest area needs to have extra room, when letting them out, don’t cut to much fabric, but instead it has to be tailored wherein you are comfortable to move freely. Italian pants in general, a bit narrower than the traditional trousers, however that would not be a problem, because normally it’ is just the jacket that needs a little adjustment and not the trousers. Furthermore, blunt



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